Monday, July 31, 2017

Tropical Treasure Beach in Malibu | Los Angeles Limo Service

LA limo in Malibu at Latigo Beach
Limo to the beach?
Particularly many tourists call Los Angeles limo services asking for “the most beautiful LA beach” to visit by limousine. Truth be told, most Southern California beaches are beautiful, and even more so when traveling there by limo. But even though we most often recommend famous Los Angeles beaches such as Santa Monica- and Venice Beaches, some people ask us for the “most hidden gems” or “lesser known” stretches of sand. So although Santa Monica may be a more popular limo destination, in this article our service will focus on the “Most Idyllic Picturesque Beach in Malibu.” And for this title, we name Latigo Beach the best Malibu beach.

Situated on the eastern part of Latigo Point, this beach lies underneath a luxurious neighborhood on Latigo Shore Drive in Malibu. As this road is private and owned by the many wealthy residents on this road, we recommend parking along PCH and walking to the beach entrance located a 1-minute walk down Latigo Shore Dr. Of course, when riding by limousine, our limo service can simply drop off clientele right by the beach entrance. But why is this the best beach in Los Angeles County? Let us explain why so many clients combine Malibu wine tours and party bus outings with trips to this particular beach.

1. Stunning Beauty

Just a walk down the staircase in between multi-million dollar 2-3-story homes will overwhelm most people. Its crystal clear waters and white sandy beach makes it idyllic, and the palm trees and vegetation makes the beach near-tropical looking. We’ve had limo clients comparing it to a beach in Hawaii! Whether you are traveling by an LA party bus or local sedan or SUV, making a visit to Latigo Beach is a must for travelers and locals alike.

2. Water Quality

Malibu's Latigo Beach
A rated water quality.
Its beautiful ocean clarity has received an A rating from Heal The Bay, a non-profit organization working to protect California coastline. The clear waters makes Latigo a popular limousine destination for romantic getaways and family beach days. The water clarity makes it ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling, while surfing and swimming are also great activities here. 

3. Hidden Gem

Few people know about Latigo Beach, despite the occasional calls for party buses and limos going here. Even on sunny weekends with temperatures reaching the 80’s, this beach can appear as good as empty. That makes it an ideal place for romantic limousine beach days in Los Angeles. Many also choose to add a trip here prior to or following a local LA County wine tour. And remember - no matter what the neighbors may say, this is a public beach where anyone can access. There have been reports in the past where neighbors have tried denying public access, but these attempts have failed and Latigo remains a public beach for all to use.

4. Filming Location

A party bus client once told us about the many magnificent movies and TV series that were shot at Latigo Beach. According to the particular party bus customer, a Latigo Beach home was used as Zachary Scott’s home in Mildred Pierce (1945). The pursuit at the end of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) also takes place near this location. The horror film Messiah of Evil (1973) was also filmed here, at 26652 Latigo Shore Dr. No wonder some even add Latigo to their limo movie tours of Malibu or LA!

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Whether to visit the beach or party the night away in a limo bus, contact us for your transportation in or around Los Angeles County. We serve most of Southern California, for instance offering exclusive and award-winning Malibu wine tours and luxurious limousine rides for dining, shopping, party, beaching, and all other activities. While most reserve Los Angeles limo rides to the really special events, a party bus or LA limo service can really be applied to most occasions and events.