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Los Angeles to San Diego: What To Explore & Do

Los Angeles to San Diego
Introducing luxurious limousine transportations from Los Angeles to San Diego! After increased interest in our chauffeured tours from LA to San Francisco, Palm Springs and Las Vegas, a recent 2018 trend have been clients requesting limos to the City of San Diego. As our services are interlinked with our parent company American Luxury Limousine, we are proudly able to offer luxury transfers throughout all of Southern California.

You may wonder, why should I not just make the drive myself? After all, it is not that far! But think again. A limousine experience is something truly unique in which will allow for an ideal getaway journey with friends or family. How about blasting your music and enjoying ice cold beverages (wine, beer, champagne, or soda) during your commute? How about not having to worry or stress about traffic jams, bumper-to-bumper traffic, navigation, etc.? Leave the pain and work to a professional!

What To See Along The Way

Balboa Island Road Trip
3. Balboa Island

The quaint and gorgeous communities of Balboa Island and nearby Balboa Peninsula have for long been popular limo destinations in Orange County. Situated right off the coast of Newport Beach, CA, these beach settlements will make you want to relocate or research island vacation homes. Tiny roads lined with cafes and neighborhood shops are just the top of the iceberg. Picturesque beaches and the signature Balboa Bar ice cream are two musts for Balboa visitors.

2. Legoland California

Legoland is conveniently found on the way, in the city of Carlsbad. Mostly popular for limo tourists vacationing in the area, Legoland is visited on a weekly basis by our limousines. Offering over sixty theme park rides, Legoland annually receives over 1.5 million visitors. Do not forget swim trunks to venture aboard one of the park’s seven water slides!

1. Pristine Beaches

We all know Orange County arguably has the Golden State’s most gorgeous coastline and adjacent stretches of sand. Between Newport, Huntington and Dana Point, there are many choices when picking a beach in O.C. The most favored for our limousine services is the stunning Laguna Beach, as well as the even more charming Thousand Steps Beach. If the sunbathing can wait until San Diego, you will always have the terrific choices of La Jolla Cove and Coronado.

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8 Best Stops From LA To Vegas!

Whether by car, bus, sedan or limousine
the nearly 120 mi. trip will take you about 3 hours from start to finish. Why not try something new and exciting; why not try partying your way down or up from San Diego?

Los Angeles County Limousine and affiliates offer the largest selection of luxury cars and limos in SoCal. Either you need a sedan or SUV for one person, or perhaps a party bus for the whole crew, we can accommodate all your transportation needs. We are also proud to be offering the region’s only price-match-guarantee on long distance rides, including to San Francisco, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and Temecula.

As Roadtrippers, an online road trip app, puts it: This stretch of California will have you California dreaming. Why not experience this idyllic part of the state with upmost relaxation and glam? Contact us today for a free quote on your limo travels.

San Diego beach

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Tropical Treasure Beach in Malibu | Los Angeles Limo Service

LA limo in Malibu at Latigo Beach
Limo to the beach?
Particularly many tourists call Los Angeles limo services asking for “the most beautiful LA beach” to visit by limousine. Truth be told, most Southern California beaches are beautiful, and even more so when traveling there by limo. But even though we most often recommend famous Los Angeles beaches such as Santa Monica- and Venice Beaches, some people ask us for the “most hidden gems” or “lesser known” stretches of sand. So although Santa Monica may be a more popular limo destination, in this article our service will focus on the “Most Idyllic Picturesque Beach in Malibu.” And for this title, we name Latigo Beach the best Malibu beach.

Situated on the eastern part of Latigo Point, this beach lies underneath a luxurious neighborhood on Latigo Shore Drive in Malibu. As this road is private and owned by the many wealthy residents on this road, we recommend parking along PCH and walking to the beach entrance located a 1-minute walk down Latigo Shore Dr. Of course, when riding by limousine, our limo service can simply drop off clientele right by the beach entrance. But why is this the best beach in Los Angeles County? Let us explain why so many clients combine Malibu wine tours and party bus outings with trips to this particular beach.

1. Stunning Beauty

Just a walk down the staircase in between multi-million dollar 2-3-story homes will overwhelm most people. Its crystal clear waters and white sandy beach makes it idyllic, and the palm trees and vegetation makes the beach near-tropical looking. We’ve had limo clients comparing it to a beach in Hawaii! Whether you are traveling by an LA party bus or local sedan or SUV, making a visit to Latigo Beach is a must for travelers and locals alike.

2. Water Quality

Malibu's Latigo Beach
A rated water quality.
Its beautiful ocean clarity has received an A rating from Heal The Bay, a non-profit organization working to protect California coastline. The clear waters makes Latigo a popular limousine destination for romantic getaways and family beach days. The water clarity makes it ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling, while surfing and swimming are also great activities here. 

3. Hidden Gem

Few people know about Latigo Beach, despite the occasional calls for party buses and limos going here. Even on sunny weekends with temperatures reaching the 80’s, this beach can appear as good as empty. That makes it an ideal place for romantic limousine beach days in Los Angeles. Many also choose to add a trip here prior to or following a local LA County wine tour. And remember - no matter what the neighbors may say, this is a public beach where anyone can access. There have been reports in the past where neighbors have tried denying public access, but these attempts have failed and Latigo remains a public beach for all to use.

4. Filming Location

A party bus client once told us about the many magnificent movies and TV series that were shot at Latigo Beach. According to the particular party bus customer, a Latigo Beach home was used as Zachary Scott’s home in Mildred Pierce (1945). The pursuit at the end of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) also takes place near this location. The horror film Messiah of Evil (1973) was also filmed here, at 26652 Latigo Shore Dr. No wonder some even add Latigo to their limo movie tours of Malibu or LA!

Wanna See Another Gem? Check Out This Los Angeles Beauty!

Whether to visit the beach or party the night away in a limo bus, contact us for your transportation in or around Los Angeles County. We serve most of Southern California, for instance offering exclusive and award-winning Malibu wine tours and luxurious limousine rides for dining, shopping, party, beaching, and all other activities. While most reserve Los Angeles limo rides to the really special events, a party bus or LA limo service can really be applied to most occasions and events.

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7 Best Southern California Islands! | Best of LA

Limo services transfer people to dozens of Southern California islands, from the larger natural preserve islands to smaller quaint community islands. Most larger islands are part of the California Channel Islands, an island group compromising eight islands off the Southern California coast. Tours to these islands are becoming as popular as Malibu wine-tasting tours. Five of these islands make up one of the few National Parks found in the LA region - namely the Channel Islands National Park. A beloved destination for LAX transfers and tourists visiting LA, this national park has been called “North America’s Galapagos.” People come here to unwind from their busy days in the city by enjoying nature in an almost entirely desolated area of wildlife, beautiful cliffs, green hills and endemic native California nature. For those wanting the Channel Island experience, but also a few bars, restaurants, hotels and maybe guided tours, Santa Catalina Island is a popular choice. Here you have so many eatery and wine-sipping choices that even wine-tasting tours have become popular in the town of Avalon. For those wanting the less isolated island-feel closer to town, visiting Balboa Island or Balboa Peninsula can be a lot of fun and is attached to the mainland. A visit to this island is common for locals and tourists alike - for LAX transfers and local LA party bus and limo rentals.

For whatever occasion there’s an island for you in Southern California. Looking for a romantic getaway with your significant other? Catalina Island has been named “The Island of Romance”, while the Italian feel on Long Beach’ Naples Island is guaranteed to also be a successful pick if you know what to look for. So without any further due, let us present the “7 Best Southern California Islands”!

7. Anacapa Island

Just 11 miles off the coast is where we find the smallest and closest Channel Island to the mainland. If you’re looking for the genuine Channel Island-experience, but would prefer not spending the whole day getting there and back, Anacapa Island might the best choice for you. Here you can discover what California once looked like, and with just 700 acres of land, the island is easily explored for even the laziest amongst us. Tourists using our LAX transfers just last week told us about all the unique indigenous species found here and nowhere else on Earth, including the deer mouse Peromyscus maniculatus anacapae and several species of lizards and salamanders. More interesting might be the large bird habitat of and gorgeous nature consisting of ocean arches, caves, blowholes and steep cliffs. As it is the most accessible part of Channel Islands National Park, our limo services often transfers locals and tourists for departures to Anacapa. 

6. San Miguel Island

One of the most difficult islands to reach, few people have put their feet on San Miguel Island. Being the westernmost of the California Channel Islands, it’s just one day-tour scheduled here for 2017. Reached by boat tours offered by Island Packers, this over 9,300 acre island is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to visit. San Miguel Island is home to over 10,000 Northern fur seals, which occupies large coastlines of the island. The fourteen-mile trail that goes around the island is popular for Los Angeles limousine clients and almost guarantees numerous wildlife sights, including sea lions, seals, sea birds and numerous other species. Besides ferry tours by the Island Packers, San Miguel can also be visited through the Channel Islands Aviation which flies here from Camarillo, CA. While Santa Catalina and Avalon is a more popular choice for cinematic tours by limo services, various movies have been filmed at San Miguel. A few examples include Lifeboat (1944) and the movie Mutiny on the Bounty (1935).

5. Santa Cruz Island

Island Fox on Santa Catalina Island
Maybe the most popular destination in the Channel Islands National Park, our limo services and LA party bus vehicles transfer many clients to the Ventura Harbor for rides to Santa Cruz. Being the largest island in the state, the nearly 100 square mile island might have the largest populations of Island foxes, an endemic species found nowhere else on Earth than the Channel Islands. Nicknamed “the North American Galápagos”, the island has many indigenous animals and plants unique to the island. Besides that, the island is also home to one of the largest sea caves in the world and also is famous for its many Bald eagles, Island scrub jay’s. Some of the beaches here include the Potato Harbor and Scorpion Harbor. The island has been inhabited for over 9000 years, and many Chumash artifacts and cave paintings have been discovered on Santa Cruz. The island dubs for a Pacific island in the film The Rescue (1929), while it is featured as the fictional San Felix Island in the 2011 episode "Blood and Sand" of the TV-series The Mentalist. We have had tourists using LAX transfers for their departure to Santa Cruz Island.

4. Naples Island

Being a neighborhood in the Alamitos Bay in Long Beach, Naples Island is the easiest of these islands to visit. Being known as one of the most romantic destinations in Los Angeles County, many combine their wine-tasting tours or other romantic outings with a visit to Naples. With its beautiful canals, gorgeous walkways and elegant restaurants, visiting the island by limo services will make you experience the island to its fullest. Kayakers are a common sight in the canals and the island is famous for its Italian-inspired street names and Italian pizza diners such as Domenico and Ragazzi. Other popular sights here are the Naples Plaza and La Bella Fontana di Napoli. An artificial island built in 1900, the 0.25 square mile island might be most visited by limo services during the holidays when houses, bridges, canals and boats are decorated with Christmas lights and decorations. What could be more romantic than limo outings or wine-tasting tours combined with a visit to Naples?

3. Santa Rosa Island

One of the most sandy islands in Southern California, the natural beauty of Santa Rosa Island will leave you breathless. A part of the Channel Islands National Park, the nearly 53,200 acre island is located - just as Catalina - 26 miles off the California coast and is part of Santa Barbara County. Los Angeles limousine travelers will love the unlimited amount of recreational activities available here, as opportunities for hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, camping, photographing and wildlife viewing are endless. Many species are found here, including but not limited to the Island fox, Channel Islands spotted skunk and many other species of flora and fauna found nowhere else. Its natural beauty makes this one of the most popular island destinations for our LA party bus and Los Angeles limousine services.

2. Balboa Island

Welcome to Balboa Island
Balboa Island and the nearby Balboa Peninsula in Orange County’s Newport Beach are our number two top pick for best Southern California islands. Here you can discover beautiful sandy beaches, gorgeous beach homes and a quaint little town of neighborhood shops and eateries. Their Balboa Bar ice cream is unique to the island and a must for visitors to try out! We’ve even had LAX transfers going straight from LAX to Balboa Island with tourists that have read up on the island and wanted to discover it for themselves. If you bring your children along, make sure to make a stop at the Balboa Fun Zone and try out their famous ferris wheel and other rides! The historic Balboa Pavilion is another must, which appears on both the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and is a designated California Historical Landmark. For many traveling by Los Angeles limousine a stroll along the beaches and tiny town community might be sufficient. Some order cinematic tours by limo services to Balboa Island. Some of the classic movies made here are All Quiet on the Western Front (1930), Joan of Arc (1948) and The Reckless Moment (1949). The Balboa Ferry is featured in the 1971 episode “Dead Weight” of Columbo. Most of the 1988 film Girl Cottage was also filmed here, as well as Magic Hour (2015). Whether for a date, dinner, signature-Balboa ice cream, shopping or movie tours, book limo services to Balboa for a memorable getaway.

1. Catalina Island

Avalon Catalina limo services
The only island that “has it all”, Santa Catalina Island has been a popular Los Angeles limousine spot for over twenty years. Clients most often ride by ferry from San Pedro, Dana Point, Newport Beach or Long Beach with either the Catalina Express or Catalina Flyer. Many also decide to visit the island by helicopter or airplane, offered by for example Channel Islands Aviation. At Catalina you’ll have lots to do. With its own casino, golf course, many shops, bars, restaurants and hotels, you’ll never run out of things to do on Catalina. Furthermore, there are many tours available here including everything from submarine rides, paragliding, inland wildlife tours, scuba diving and much more. Some of the more recently popular tours include their unique UFO tours and ghost-hunting tours. A must to experience is renting a bicycle to explore Avalon and nearby areas. For a more signature Channel Islands-experience, go on boat- or car tours to the other community on the island, Two Harbors! Santa Catalina has an amazing cinematic history, and many LA party bus and Los Angeles limousine clients love to visit the island for this reason. Many tourists traveling by LAX transfers to San Pedro have told us about the great movies made on the island. It dubs for example for a Pacific island in the film Isle of Destiny (1940), while it is featured as itself in the 1994 comedy Sherlock: Undercover Dog. It is featured as Chicago in Elmer, the Great (1933), while it’s where Jack Nicholson visits John Huston in Chinatown (1974). Avalon can be seen in movies such as Like Crazy (2011) and Policewomen (1974). The casino has been featured in a number of classic films, such as Murder on a Honeymoon (1935), You’re Only Young Once (1937) and many others. “The Island of Romance” is absolutely best accompanied by an LA party bus or limousine service.

Whether for an island getaway, wine-tasting tours or any other activity in Southern California, contact our Los Angeles limousine service for your transportation. Besides limo vehicles, we also offer a huge variety of other specialty vehicles, such as LA party bus variants, sedans, SUV’s, bus vehicles, Hummer limousines, regular stretch limo services, and so on and so forth. For simple LAX transfers, wedding transportation, gorgeous wine-tasting tours or anything in between, contact us today for an unforgettable outing in Southern California.

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The Best of Malibu

Gorgeous sunsets, beautiful beaches, the best surf and over 300 days of sun per year. Surf City U.S.A. — Malibu — is a beloved destination for limo services throughout Southern California. Tourists from throughout the world head here on their Californication with LAX sedan service to experience the best of California beaches and a relaxed coast atmosphere, just few miles from the hassle and stress of Downtown. But it’s far from just the beaches that makes Malibu such a popular destination. Bordering the Santa Monica Mountains, the canyons and mountains (located few miles inland from the city) offer some of SoCal’s best wine country. While many head on wine tours to Malibu Family Wines, nestled in its own canyon surrounded by beautiful nature, others prefer tastings along the Pacific. After all, what could be better than enjoying a drink while taking in the breeze and beauty of the Pacific Ocean? Situated just across the PCH, the Rosenthal Tasting Room offers tastings with magnificent ocean-views, often accompanied by live music and local food-trucks. Malibu Family Wines in the Malibu Canyons are open for picnicking, and food-trucks are also often present here, along with their own safari tours and live entertainment and outdoor movie screenings.

 Besides regular Malibu limousine rides, we also offer wedding transportation, wine tours, LA to Vegas party bus rides, LAX transfers and more.

Bars and Restaurants

Besides Malibu wine tours, there are lots of more things to do in Surf City USA! Some of Los Angeles County’s most popular beach bars and restaurants are located here, particularly those located on the beach are popular destinations for Malibu limousine clientele. Enjoy a meal at the Sunset Restaurant, located on Zuma Beach, for the beach-bungalow-dinner-experience. Other restaurants located on the beach itself include for example Paradise Cove Beach Café, where you can literally sit in the sand or go for a swim in between your tropical cocktails, as well as another tremendously popular restaurant, Dukes Malibu. We recently had an LA to Vegas party bus customer who said Moonshadows by far is the best Malibu destination by limo. Some of the best views can be enjoyed from Moonshadows, where you can enjoy a meal on a balcony over the ocean. And why go on wine tours when you can try one of Carbon Beach Club’s more than 100 wine varietals! While in the area, don’t forget a visit to the famous Pier! Once a symbol of the American Riviera, surfers from throughout the world head to the adjacent Surfrider Beach for what could be California’s best surf. Among our clientele however, most head to Surfrider’s Beach for a stroll along the beach walk or to visit one of the Pier’s two restaurants. The food and coastal views at the Farm Pier Cafe is unmatched! There are boats leaving the pier daily for fishing, whale-watching, and more.


While Surfrider’s Beach might be amongst the most popular beaches, people order limo services for numerous Malibu beaches. As the terrain is so rugged with the Santa Monica Mountains some places literally dropping into the ocean, the so often steep, rugged and rocky seaside makes for some amazingly stunning beaches. With nearly 30 miles of coastline, Malibu stretches for 27 miles from Topanga County Beach in the very south to Leo Carrillo State Beach in the north. Along with Surfrider’s Beach, the Topanga County Beach is also a popular beach for surfers where the Topanga Creek outlet being a particularly popular surfing spot. Better for swimming are the Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beaches. Maybe not the most popular destination for limos for rent, but these three beaches offer arguably the LA region’s best beaches for swimming, picnicking, and is a great place to bring the kids along. Amongst the area’s most secluded stretches of coastline, La Piedra State Beach offer scenic views, breathtaking cliffs and a truly secluded location. Being the most western of the Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beaches, the El Pescador State Beach offer the shortest hike from the parking lot to the beach. This sandy cove is also home to the hidden El Sol Beach, a hidden Southern California treasure. The last of the Robert Meyer Memorial State Beaches, El Matador State Beach, might offer the most scenic landscape and picturesque views. Our LAX sedan service even recently transferred international tourists directly to this beach from the airport! Known for its scenic rock formations and arch, sea-caves and secluded character, El Matador State Beach is a must-visit for beachgoers. You don't have to come flying into LAX to order transportation to the beach, our local limos for rent can get the job done! If you are flying into LAX however, remember to check out our price-match-guaranteed LAX sedan service.


Tourist attractions here are however not just limited to the great beaches; people order limo services for a wide arrange of activities in Malibu. Placed on one of the world’s most beautiful coastal properties, the Getty Villa might be the most visited Malibu limousine destination. Located on a hilltop in Pacific Palisades, its location in itself is worth the visit to the Getty Villa. Being one of the two locations of the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Getty Villa offers over 44,000 objects on display, varying from statues, sculptures, paintings to historic artifacts. Reopened in 2006 with gorgeous landscaping and beautiful surrounding gardens, the Getty Villa is free of charge and one of the most popular destinations for our LAX sedan service and LA limo services. With some amazing views of Surfrider Beach and lush green gardens, the Adamson House is another attraction for tourists and locals alike. Already established in the late 1920’s, the Adamson House is now registered as both a California Historical Landmark and appears on the National Register of Historic Places. The idyllic home and gardens sit on a top overlooking the Malibu Pier, Lagoon and Pacific Ocean. The Adamson House is located in the Malibu Lagoon State Park along with the local Lagoon Museum. This is the limo destination for those interested in local history, the museum offers various tours and insight on city history. Did you know that Malibu once was a ranch, bought for ten cents per acre in the late 1850’s? Hard to believe for a city which is now home to some of America’s most expensive real estate!

 Explore Malibu history with limos for rent!

Movie Locations

Most local Malibu limousine riders now that Malibu is a hugely popular filming location. But did you know you can go on a cinematic tour of Malibu by limo services? Did you for example know that Leo Carrillo State Beach appears in movies such as Inception (2010) and The Karate Kid (1984)? This beach is also a popular destination for those ordering limousine services for beaching and swimming. But this beach might be even more famous for appearing in the beginning beach scenes in Grease (1978). The house in Two and a Half Men (2003-2015) is located on Malibu Colony Road, while Jackie’s bonfire party in The Big Lebowski (1998) takes place at Point Dume. Elaine has a flashback to Westward Beach in the film Airplane! (1980), while a Ferrari race scene takes place on the PCH in The Fast and the Furious (2001). Dyson’s home in Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) is also situated in Malibu. Some of the motion picture feating the Malibu Pier include Taken 2 (2012) and various episodes of Columbo (1971-2003) and The Rockford Files (1974-1980). Many combine Malibu wine tours with a tour of their favorite filming locations. In the Malibu Canyons, Malibu limousine riders often visit Malibu Family Wines and Cornell Winery & Tasting Room. Both of these have been featured in a variety of movies. Contact our limo services today for a tour of your favorite filming locations! For even more exciting movie tours, ask us about our LA to Vegas party bus tours.

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Staying overnight? We know the local hotels better than anyone! Maybe not surprisingly, the best rated is also our number one recommendation and the most popular hotel for Malibu limo renters. We have weekly limos for rent heading to the magnificent Malibu Beach Inn. Situated on Carbon Beach, this 4-star hotel is as close to the ocean you can get. Furthermore, the hotel is home to the Carbon Beach Club Restaurant where you can enjoy a drink or dinner on a balcony over the sea. In other words, it doesn’t get more romantic than this. This hotel might be the most popular for dating couples ordering a romantic Malibu limousine adventure. The 47 rooms here have modern designs and the hotel is within a short walking distance of the pier, the Malibu Country Mart and numerous restaurants, including the Malibu Farm Pier Café located in the midst of the ocean. The hotel however might be overpriced considering that there are no swimming pool nor spa or jacuzzi, and no gym at the hotel. More affordable options include the 3-star Malibu Country Inn and the M Malibu. The Country Inn is a 1950’s motel with its own heated swimming pool and the Collection Restaurant and Bar is located right next-door to the motel and offers stunning ocean-views. The gorgeous garden setting and charming character makes it an intimate retreat. All rooms have sun patios with stunning ocean-views, while the suits also have their own fireplace. This 16-room motel might be smaller than most, but shouldn’t be overlooked. Lastly, the M motel is a little larger, 18 rooms to be exact. The M is within walking distance of various local restaurants and shops. All rooms come with patios, but make sure to ask for a room in the 2nd or 3rd floor for ocean-views! Hotels are popular destinations for clients reserving limos for rent!

Once overlooked for the Temecula-, Sonoma- and Napa Valleys, SoCal is experiencing a wine renaissance of its own in recent years. Did you for example know that more than fifty wineries are now situated in the Malibu region? With its close proximity to LA, these are even popular LAX sedan destinations for tourists! Furthermore, there are now two American Viticultural Areas or AVA’s (officially designated wine-growing regions) within the Malibu city limits. Whether you are venturing out on wine tours to experience the emerging vineyards of the region or whether you are looking for an LA to Vegas party bus, LAX sedan or any need for transportation in Southern California, our limo services can assist you!

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Experiencing LA With Kids

California is a terrific vacation-destination for families, and the region has more than enough attractions to keep the children happy. If you have kids, you more than likely already know Disneyland, the world’s most famous amusement park, which is located in Anaheim. Established by Walt Disney himself in 1955, the park has continued to increase ever since. With areas such as Fantasyland, Adventureland, Frontierland and Tomorrowland, and all the rollercoasters you can imagine, Disneyland is a great pick for families traveling with kids. But there are also numerous parks closer to Los Angeles. Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia is a great choice for bigger kids with some of the nation’s fastest and largest rollercoasters. For the younger ones, taking a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm might be the ultimate place for fun. For kids and adults in all ages, Universal Studios Hollywood isn’t just a film studio, but one of the region’s most popular attractions as well. Here you can go for a ride in Jurassic Park ride, Blues Brothers, Shrek, Simpsons, the Mummy, and many more rides. Located in Universal City, the adjacent Universal CityWalk is a great way to begin or end the adventures at Universal. Don’t forget the tram tour through various film locations, including films and TV-series such as Jaws, American Psycho and Desperate Housewives.

Zoos are usually popular amongst children. L.A. Zoo is located in Griffith Park. It was established in 1966 and is home to over 1,200 animals. There is also a beautiful botanical garden with over 800 species of plants. Often combined with a Santa Barbara or Malibu wine tour, the Santa Barbara Zoo may be smaller than its counterpart to the south, but is known as one of the region’s most beautiful zoos. Celebrate and stargaze in a cruising Los Angeles limousine down Hollywood- or Sunset Boulevards are fun for adults and kids alike. So is the Hollywood Wax Museum, where you can see the most realistic-looking copies of celebrities as Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, and even Freddy Kreuger and others. For toddlers and young kids, see the Discovery Cube, Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena, or the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific, which is one of America’s largest aquariums. A great way to introduce children to art is to make a visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) on Wilshire. Fun classes here are available for kids as young as 3 year olds.

Because of its close distance to LAX, many call an LAX sedan service to take the Marina del Rey water bus to a concert by the ocean or for a stroll along the many boats and piers. Taking the $1 ferry to Balboa Island in Orange County might be the best buck you’ve ever spent. Here you can enjoy the signature Balboa Bar ice-cream, check out the quaint town houses and explore main street with its stores, cafés and eateries. Make sure to go by Our Gang’s General Store for some unique toys. The Balboa Fun Zone with its ferries wheel and rides is another must on the nearby Balboa Peninsula. For birthday parties and larger gatherings, why not look into party bus rentals? A birthday celebrated in a party bus will never be forgotten. How about a birthday party of indoor rollerskating at Skateland? More into water rides than rollercoasters? Hurricane Harbor, Disney California Adventure Park, Knott’s Soak City and the Great Wolf Lodge are just a few of your many options for water parks in Southern California. While kids wouldn’t like the Malibu wine tour too much, there are tons of kid-friendly activities in Malibu - why not head for brunch followed by some beaching at the Paradise Cove Beach and Café? Another popular LA limo destination in Malibu is the beautiful Malibu Creek Park, where you can come for a day of exploring, hiking, picnicking or camping. Maybe the best alternative for exploring the great outdoors is the Channel Islands National Park. Here you can see the lighthouse on Anacapa Island, search for the endemic Channel Island Fox on Santa Cruz Island (the largest island in California), or see the gorgeous sandy white beaches and turquoise water on Santa Rosa Island. Golden eagles roam all of the islands. So do great numbers of seals, sea-lions, various sea birds, and more. Island Packers offers both tours to the various islands, but also whale-watching cruises in the Santa Barbara Channel.

It isn’t just the studio tours at Universal Studios that are top-notch. Check out the Warner Bros. Studios for tours of where Batman, Friends, and Gilmore Girls were filmed. There are also various exhibits where you can see the costumes of popular figures as Batman, Superman, and the Harry Potter movies. While the NBC Studios tour bring you to the film location of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live, the Paramount Studio tour shows you the stages for shows like Dr. Phil and Entertainment Tonight. Going for a puppet show at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater can be pretty awesome, while the trampoline land at Sky High Sports in Woodland hills is another LA limo favorite. Wanna go horseback riding? Tours going to the Hollywood Sign on Mount Lee are an option, but for horseback riding in the Santa Monica Mountains, we would recommend Rocking K Horse Rentals in Newbury Park. Wanna feed an array of animals or learn about farming? We’ve had people ordering Los Angeles limousine for their ride to the Underwood Family Farm. For go-karting, Burbank’s Racer’s Edge or the Santa Monica Pier are two great options that are fun for kids (and adults) in all ages. For the utmost relaxation on a white sandy beach with little waves, check out Orange County’s Thousand Steps Beach.

For the older kids, the California Science Center, Griffith Observatory and Children’s Book World are great picks. So many first-time tourists visiting the city call LAX sedan service for transfers straight to the Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park. With gorgeous panoramic views of the Los Angeles skyline, the views here are maybe the best after dark. Both the observatory as well as the California Science Center focus on space, and at the science center you can see the famous Endeavour and many other space shuttles. Seeing and learning about animals at Star Eco Station in Culver City is educational and fun. Many calling from the Pinz for limo or party bus rentals are eager to tell about the celebrities they saw while bowling with the kids. If it’s time for the Rose Parade, head to Pasadena for a day of excitement and fun. Hiking in Griffith Park can be a lot of fun, for example if combined with some soccer, picnicking and exploring Bat Cave. Safari tours at Malibu Family Wines (zebras, camels, alpacas) or at Catalina Island (buffalos, foxes, golden eagles) are unbeatable.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Perks of Getting A Luxury Vehicle

Do you want to go out and see the beauty of L .A.? It's a stunning place situated in the state of California. There are many people who actually loved this place for being a wonderful tourist spot wherein you can have fun and relaxation. To visit the different tourist spots located in L. A. is a great way for you to unwind and have some fun. Visiting L.A. without having your own car is quite a difficult task. To make it safe and easier for you, you need to get an LA limousine from a reliable company.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mother of Malibu Estates

As a top rated provider of L. A. transportation services, we visit the lovely City of Malibu on an everyday basis. Of the many attractions we service here, including the great beaches, dining and so much more, the Adamson House has been an increasingly popular Malibu limo destination. This historic 1929 Spanish style home is situated on the Malibu Lagoon State Park, adjacent to the Malibu Lagoon Museum. The guided tours of the 1930s style gardens are particularly popular, and many fall for the array of decorative tiles manufactured at the Malibu Tile Works. The house was designed by the famous firm of Morgan, Walls, and Clements, and it is said to be one of the greatest examples there are of California’s Arts & Crafts tile work.

Built for Rhonda Ridge Adamson, the daughter of the proprietor of Malibu Tiles, the Malibu Adamson House is a showcase of the family products. Many tourists renting a vehicle are fascinated all the Chumash- and Tongva Native American history found at the adjacent Malibu Lagoon Museum, which also depicts Malibu’s surfing and ranching history. Situated along the strand fronting the Pacific, many of our clientele decide to stroll along the beach and check out the famous houses in Malibu Colony, a residential area of TV, movie, and recording stars. The Adamson House is a part of the California State Park system but it is entirely run by volunteer docents, who teaches visitors about the City of Malibu. Previously known as Vaquero Hill, the Adamson House is now listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and is a California Historical Landmark. The architectural style is old Spanish Moorish or other Mediterranean Revival.

The lush botanical gardens is another favorite here, and speciality garden tours are held here every Friday at 10 AM. The magnificent flower selection was made by covering the natural sand dunes with a layer of humus. Its six acres of botanical gardens overlook the Malibu Pier and the Malibu Lagoon. From the Adamson House there are also spectacular views of Surfrider Beach and the Pacific Ocean. Many limousine Los Angeles customers traveling here love taking photos of the house’s great tiles, rich in greens, blues, oranges and yellows from the Malibu Potteries. Many of our LA limo clients also love the renovated old garage, which is now a museum offering artifacts, maps, historical publications, rare photographs, and so much more items relating to Malibu history. 

Directly across the Pacific Coastal Highway from the Adamson Home is the Serra Retreat, which is built from the famous remains of the May Rindge’s castle on the hill. Recognized for its great architecture, the exterior and interior have been featured in numerous Hollywood TV shows and movies, including for instance Dallas (1978), Charlie’s Angels (1976), Beverly Hills 90210 (1992), Knots Landing (1979), Flamingo Road (1982) and Simon & Simon (1986). The structure was already begun built on in 1929 by the Ringe family, which owned most of Malibu at the time. Malibu was an isolated village back then, and most supplies arrived by boat from the nearby Malibu Pier.

The self guided outdoor tour is allowed without guides, while most limousine Los Angeles clients sign up for the guided tour of the home. From the Persian rug, the ceramic kitchen clock, colorful bathroom crannies, and so much more, our Malibu limo clients fall in love with the Malibu Adamson House. Famous cowboy humorist Will Rogers lived in his ranch in nearby Pacific Palisades for decades, and often wandered by himself down to check out the museum. In 1968, the State of California bought the home and it was turned into a national historic site and an architectural masterpiece open to public. Taking no less than eight years to complete, the complexity of this structure leaves nothing to coincidence. Numerous of our clientele have showed us photos of the French style windows and the 20 foot Persian rug. Outside, the adjoining pool, fountains, bath-house, and walkways run through the magnificent botanical gardens by the Pacific.

Nicknamed the “Mother of Malibu Beachfront Homes” or the “Taj Mahal of Tile”, this Mediterranean Revival style beach home is a popular destination for tourists and others booking an exclusive ride. As this incredible beach front property also is available for weddings and other special events arrangements, many of our clients come here as a part of their special wedding day or for another Malibu beach outing. Our LA limo company has been a provider of Malibu transportation services for more than fifteen years, and we can be reached 24/7 any day and any time at toll free! Feel free to also check out our YELP reviews; we are proud to be a top rated company!